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"We take a scientific approach and combine common sense to alleviating pain and restoring good health by treating the source of pain-not just the symptoms!"

- Stewart Chiropractic

About Dr. Roger Stewart

Dr. Roger Stewart is a Pittsburgh chiropractor with over 30 years of practicing, training, researching and experience which have made him one of today's most outstanding doctors.


Stewart Chiropractic Center is located in Pittsburgh's Troy Hill neighborhood and specializes in nutritional counseling, chiropractic care and natural healing.

As a chiropractic physician, clinical nutritionist, ergonomist, inventor and researcher, Dr. Roger Stewart has combined these extensive talents and experiences to offer patients complete and thorough healthcare.


Today, more than ever, leading governmental and medical institutions are recognizing the body's intrinsic ability to heal itself when provided with the appropriate guidance such as proper nutrition, the need for the spine's healthy alignment and more natural and non-invasive approaches to healing and pain relief.


The difference between Chiropractors and other medical practitioners is in their approach. Unlike the doctors who treat the symptoms with drugs, almost all of them with negative side effects, Dr. Roger Stewart treats the cause, and treats it with a natural, non-invasive approach. This is not to say that pharmaceuticals are totally unnecessary, particularly in the fields of emergency medicine and infectious diseases.


Dr. Roger Stewart believes that a comprehensive evaluation of each of his patients is important. He takes all the time necessary to get to know the patient; evaluate their problems; and develop a healing program designed specifically to meet their needs.


Growing up on a dairy farm Dr. Roger Stewart early on recognized the value of respecting nature and the importance of protecting the environment in which we are dependent upon for our survival. How crops are grown and animals are fed have a direct impact on our well-being.


Dr. Roger Stewart observed animals engaging in a form of empiricism, the belief that all knowledge comes from our senses and experience. Animals intrinsically determine the edibility of various plants. Taking a lesson from other animal species led to the use of plants as medicines dating back thousands of years ago. The application of this knowledge is of great importance when it comes to advising and educating patients of what to consume and often not what to consume for the potential to nourish, aid in healing and maintaining proper nutrition to support optimal health.


Dr. Roger Stewart asserts that a nation with one of the highest rates of obesity continues to be starved for proper nutrition. A consumer culture who have developed a taste and addiction to over processed foods filled with refined and artificial sugars, sometimes harmful unnatural chemical preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavor and color enhancers have made for a diet which fails to promote good health and often times lends itself to the development of certain diseases and allergies. His passionate commitment to helping patients make healthy choices through nutritional plans is paramount in his practice.


While practicing a former vocation as a registered electrician Dr. Roger Stewart was involved in a traumatic musculoskeletal injury that left him seriously debilitated for almost one year; his attempts to alleviate his back pain was what introduced him to the Chiropractic Profession. After receiving treatment through mainstream medical intervention to no-avail he decided to make an appointment with a Chiropractor. He had little or no expectations of his pain being alleviated; willing as a last resort with an open mind he found relief and returned toward normal function with a relatively short period of chiropractic treatments/adjustments.


Dr. Roger Stewart, amazed by what he had experienced, requested other appointments with the Chiropractor. This time, Dr. Roger Stewart wanted to learn more about the discipline, science and art of the chiropractic profession. Enlighten by his experience and what he had learned from the Chiropractor he shortly thereafter embarked upon a new career. Since then he has enjoyed the privilege and rewarding experience of helping others in much the same way.


Dr. Roger Stewart's scope of practice is not just limited to alleviating pain. It's about educating patients on how to maintain and adopt healthy lifestyles utilizing The Stewart Healing System at his Pittsburgh chiropractic office. He is quick to point-out that many of us take good health for must be something we constantly work at and strive to do in our everyday life. Prevention, sound nutrition, behavioral modification to promote good health and maintaining healthy spinal alignment are integral parts of enjoying optimal health. This is the foundation of health maintenance as opposed to the disease maintenance paradigm; a too familiar situation many of us find ourselves in is waiting to receive intervention until we become ill or develop symptoms.


Dr. Roger Stewart recognizes that there are times whereby patients will require treatments performed by other medical professionals and makes those referrals accordingly. He encourages all of his patients to become active participants in their healthcare and to make a concerted effort to adopt healthy lifestyle changes...because good habits are habit forming too.

The Stewart Healing System is a discipline that Dr. Roger Stewart incorporates in his everyday live. By his side, his beautiful wife Elizabeth, known as Betty, of 40 plus years have raised four beautiful healthy children; Jennifer, Amy, Rachel and Ryan, two if which are also Doctors of Chiropractic. They are proud grandparents of six children. It is this system that has kept them healthy and filled with vitality.


It's hard to believe upon meeting the Stewarts that they are grandparents; beaming with pride and youthful in appearance they don't look or act like your stereotypical grandparents. One thing is stereotypical, their grandchildren just as their children are showered with love and attention. If the Stewart's would prescribe any medicine it would be that of love and laughter. After all, it is this belief and practice which enabled them to raise a healthy happy family. It's the very essence of practicing wellness that has kept them so apparently vital.

The Stewart Center incorporates a patient-centered approach to healing with the ultimate goal of making each patient feel and look their best!


"By combining the best healing protocols with Chiropractic, Dr. Roger Stewart utilizes alternative, non-invasive natural treatments to achieve and maintain optimal health for each of his patients."
Dr. Roger Stewart was voted “Best Chiropractor” by the readers of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review in 2011.