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"We take a scientific approach and combine common sense to alleviating pain and restoring good health by treating the source of pain-not just the symptoms!"


- Stewart Chiropractic

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying cause of illness and discomfort.


Functional medicine is an art of balancing and removing what is obstructing and/or adding what is necessary to allow your body to heal itself.


Our clinic is the essence of functional medicine. We use our learned knowledge of chiropractic, nutritional, bio-magnetic and other non-invasive diagnostic methods to determine what is obstructing an individual’s ability to be healthy. At this point we can proceed by choosing from our many available alternative treatments (such as: Chiropractic specific adjustments, rehab therapies, laser, magnetic, traction, acupuncture point, myofascial trigger point, detoxification, nutritional deficiencies, herbal and homeopathic) to remove what is obstructing and add what is necessary to improve an individual’s health.