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"We take a scientific approach and combine common sense to alleviating pain and restoring good health by treating the source of pain-not just the symptoms!"

- Stewart Chiropractic


Vitamin supplementation for better health

"You just can't pop Vitamin E over hot-fudge sundaes

and expect to get any benefit".

- Nutritionist Alice Lichtenstein, Tuffs University

Cheap, inexpensive vitamins is a red flag that a company is skipping important protocols in manufacturing that ensure you are getting a quality product.

Nutrition plays a very important role in getting you back to feeling good and being healthy. Nutritional protocols and intervention can also play an integral role in slowing down the aging process.

As Applied Clinical Nutritionists, Drs. Roger & Ryan Stewart recognize the importance of proper diet and nutrition in getting patients back to optimum health.

Each patient is treated as an individual and is deserving of a plan/treatment especially for them. Dr. Stewart and his staff will design a vitamin supplement program for you that considers your age, lifestyle, gender, environmental, emotional, physical stress, toxicity and deficiencies factors that require additional nutritional support.

There is no longer any doubt that proper nutrition plays a vital role in getting you back to, and keeping you in good health. But, with so many fad diets out there and thousands of supplements, it is vital that you get the specific advice of a Certified Doctor.

Diet, what foods you consume and what foods you fail to consume have a major impact on your physical, mental, emotional health and risk for developing diseases and conditions.

"Vitamin supplementation provides nutritional insurance for the 80% of children who don't eat as least five servings

of fruits and vegetables as day".
- Andrew Weil, M.D.

Nutritional supplements are not all created the same!

Call for an appointment today for the most comprehensive Natural Healing in Pittsburgh.

"Exciting new findings are pouring out of the nation's research labs, linking long-neglected nutrients to everything from brain function to cancer risk. And it's increasingly clear that, despite our abundant food supply, we're still getting too little of some crucial vitamins and minerals."


- Newsweek Magazine, January 16, 2006