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"We take a scientific approach and combine common sense to alleviating pain and restoring good health by treating the source of pain-not just the symptoms!"

- Stewart Chiropractic

Patient Testimonials

“We are so grateful for the health and wellness you’ve brought to our family. The 2 hour distance we travel to get to your office is menial inconvenience compared to the results and improvements in our individual health concerns. From our children to our grandparents we thank you so very much.” 

–K. & C. B. of Erie, PA

“We will never forget your compassion for healing, and the love you've shown towards our family. Truly one of the planets best human beings. Thank you.”

-J. & N. T. and extended family.

“Thank you so much for being the amazing, kind, selfless giving people you are. Your whole office has been so kind to our family an I can't tell you how much that means to us. My daughter’s severe intestinal problems have been much more manageable with your treatments. Our family has come to depend on your help with any health concerns that may arise. We are very fortunate to have had you as our doctor for so many years.”  

-M. & T. S. of Pittsburgh, PA

“All I can say is Wow! I'm impressed! My chiropractor actually just called to check on me. In all my years I've never had a doctor call me. This speaks huge measures on the kind of doctor and person he is. I want to thank you for always being so thoughtful of my health period everyone should go see Dr. Roger Stewart.”

– K. S. of Pittsburgh, PA

“We can't even begin to imagine where our health would be today had we not had you as our doctor all these years. There aren't too many doctors who will give you a hug when you come and call you at home to check on you to make sure you were doing OK. I always believed there was a better way than medications. You being my doctor has helped me to form a passion for learning about all things alternative, integrative and functional medicine. You were never too busy to answer questions and you made it easy for me to understand. There have been so many health issues I have come to you with that as detectives we uncovered the cause like the Mercury in my teeth, the reason for my dysfunctional thyroid, and my screaming muscles. You are a compassionate, loving, caring and healing man; who many have been blessed to have been treated by you as their doctor, and so many who call you their friend.”

-K. & G. of Pittsburgh, PA